Riphah International University Merit List 2024 Check Online

Riphah University is one of the top-rated educational institutes in Pakistan with a notable number of students. It is an international-level university with its head office in the capital of Pakistan: Islamabad. All the students of this university can check the Riphah International University Merit List 2024 through the official website. It has many sub-campuses located in different cities of the country. These campuses impart education in different disciplines of education by meeting the requirements of modern times needs. All these campuses are facilitating the students by policies designed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Although there are many government universities already working in Pakistan to quench the thirst of students in different fields of education a lot of students were in search of more seats to get them enrolled.

Keeping in view this situation the initiative of universities in the private sector was taken which proved a very excellent decision later on. At present thousands of students have been acquiring knowledge in different professional fields of life by being admitted to Riphah International University. Riphah International University is a private-sector university chartered by the Government of Pakistan in 2002. This step aimed to impart fundamental knowledge of religious, social, moral, ethical, and historical values. This university was established in 2002 by a nonprofit organization named Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT).

Riphah International University Merit List 2024

To facilitate the students 4 merit lists are displayed on notice boards of all sub campuses. Students can confirm their admission by checking these merit lists on campus. Besides these merit lists are also uploaded on the official website of Riphah International University So that the students can have easy access to the results of their admission test. The successful students then visit the university for the payment of fees and their final interviews.

Riphah University Selected Candidates List 2024

Riphah University Selected Candidates List 2024 will be released soon. The successful students then visit the university for the payment of fees and their final interviews. After successful interviews, the students are asked to make necessary arrangements for their academic year. For the facilitation of newly enrolled students, the date of orientation day is announced by the university. Riphah International University always keeps the transparency of the admission process in its view so that every student can get his or her due right. So far thousands of illumines of Riphah International University have served the national and international community after completing their degrees here which showcases sincerity, loyalty, and the hard work of staff and students of Riphah International University.

Vision Riphah International University

The noble cause behind this initiative was to promote and promulgate the following noble values among the masses. These values are essential to build a decent society which further creates noble personalities in every field of life through its social, cultural, religious, and ethical norms. Those noble values are as follows

  • Accountability (To keep check and balance)
  • Ijtimaiyyah (Collective efforts)
  • Mushawrat (Discussion on a certain topic)
  • Rahmah (Compassion)
  • Itqan ( Pursuit of Excellence)
  • Al Akhirah ( The belief in the doomsday and the lie hereafter)

Riphah International University Sub Campuses

Keeping in view the needs of students from distant areas the university management decided to expand its domain to other cities of the country. So after thorough research and guidelines by senior staff, it has been decided to open more campuses of Riphah International University in reputed cities. So the result is that now its four campuses are serving the youngsters of the country in their areas. The list of the campuses and their address are as follows;

  • Faisalabad Campus, Satiana Road, Faisalabad.
  • Main Campus, Sector I-14, Islamabad.
  • City Campus – I, G-7/4, 7th Avenue, Islamabad.
  • City Campus – II, Evacuee Trust Complex, Islamabad.
  • Al-Mizan Campus, Rawalpindi.
  • WISH Female Only Campus, H-8/2, Islamabad.
  • Lahore City Campus, Township, Lahore.
  • Raiwind Road Campus, Lahore.
  • Lahore Industrial Estate Campus.
  • RAK College of Dental Sciences, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE

All the above-mentioned campuses are fully operational with high-ranked faculty in all important disciplines and also have the facility of hostels for their students of both genders.

Riphah International University Merit List 2024 Check Online

Riphah International University Merit List 2024 Check Online

Riphah International University offers courses

Riphah International University offers different courses in the following disciplines. These courses are offered to equip the students with modern time upgraded ideas, thoughts, experiences, and modern tools through theoretical and practical frameworks. These programs almost envelop every aspect of modern time life. The scheme of studies of all programs is designed after thorough research in every aspect to make it more productive and result-oriented for scholars. This will help them to cope with their practical life problems in their individual as well as social lives. This will lead them all to a peaceful and progressive nation which was the dream behind establishing this university. Some of the major disciplines are

  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Management sciences
  • Computing
  • Health and medical sciences
  • Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Media sciences.

Check Riphah Merit List 2024

Riphah University Scholarships 2024

Riphah International University always focuses on the education of needy and poor people in the country. It is the vision of Riphah International University that all students have the right to get a quality education without leaving the poor students behind. For this purpose, Riphah International University has made a plan to give scholarships to different deserving students. Following are the types of scholarships that Riphah International University is offering currently to its students

  • Government of Punjab Scholarships
  • Need base scholarship
  • High achievers scholarships
  • Kinship scholarships
  • Employ son/daughter scholarship
  • Special student scholarships
  • Paid internships for brilliant minds

Students can avail of these scholarships by filling out the forms available with admission forms at the time of getting admission to the university.

Riphah University Admission Process 2024

The process of admission to Riphah International University is very simple. To facilitate the students the university has provided both options. Now the students can get admission by filling admission forms attached to the university prospectus. These prospectuses are available on admission desks of all campuses of Riphah International University. The prospectus can also be obtained by ordering it by post. The other way of getting admission in Riphah International University is to apply online by clicking the link provided by the university

After the due date, the university admission department will scrutinize the candidates who have applied for admission. The shortlisted candidates will then be called for admission tests. After the successful conduction of admission tests in all campuses of Riphah International University along with temporarily established examination centers the merit is announced each year.

Riphah International University Contact Details

University Name
Riphah International University
Contact Number 041 8777210
Address Adjacent Fish Farm, Satayana Rd, Faisalabad


  1. What is Riphah International University?

    A vast array of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous fields are offered by Riphah International University, an academic establishment. Promoting top-notch instruction and research is its main goal.

  2. Where is Riphah International University located?

    The main campus of Riphah International University is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Additionally, it has campuses in Lahore and Faisalabad.

  3. What programs does Riphah International University offer?

    Riphah International University offers diverse programs in fields such as health sciences, engineering, business, social sciences, and humanities.

  4. How can I apply to Riphah International University?

    To apply, you can visit the official website of the university or contact the admission office. The website provides detailed information about the admission process, requirements, and application forms.

  5. What are the admission requirements?

    Admission requirements vary depending on the program you are interested in. Generally, you will need to submit your educational degrees, and other documents specified by the university.

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