University of Balochistan Merit List 2024 Check Online

Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan concerning area. Its population is very low compared to other provinces of Pakistan. University of Balochistan Merit List 2024 can be checked online through the official website. People of this province are suffering due to a lack of attention from political leaders and also due to the tribal system. Tribal chiefs are the leaders of these people and they don’t want people to get awareness about their rights and their better future. This is the reason that people in Baluchistan are not highly educated. The University of Baluchistan is the only educational institute providing higher education to the students of Baluchistan. This university has also faced many ups and downs due to political unrest in the province. Terrorist activities have also disturbed the educational system in Baluchistan.

The University of Baluchistan is trying its level best to promote education in the province because education is the only way to guide the people who are trapped by extremists and terrorists. Being the only high-ranked university in the province Baluchistan University is overloaded with students. With few resources, this university is facilitating the people of the province in acquiring higher education. This university is also playing its role in the development and progress of the province as well as in the development and progress of Pakistan at large.

University of Balochistan Merit List 2024

The University of Baluchistan exposes its merit list of successful candidates on notice boards of all sub-campuses. This list is also uploaded on its official website so that the candidates can check their names easily only by clicking on its link.  After a few days, the second and then third merit list is displayed on the notice boards of all campuses. The successful candidates then submit their fees to the bank. After completion of the admission process, the orientation session is announced for the newly admitted students. In this session, the students received their cards. They are also informed about their classrooms and are guided about their stay at the campus for their study.

Mission statement of Balochistan University

The mission of the University of Baluchistan is to promote high-quality education even with few available resources. The university with other educational institutes trying its level best to remove the negativities from the minds of local students.

University of Balochistan Departments

This university is offering different programs are different notable fields in its head office as well as in its all sub campuses. Following are the programs which are being offered by the University of Baluchistan to its private and regular students

  1. Department of languages
  2. Department of English Literature and Linguistics
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Physics
  5. Department of Information Technology
  6. Department of Biological Sciences
  7. Department of Urdu
  8. Department of social and cultural studies
  9. Department of Regional Studies
  10. Department of economics and business studies
  11. Department of cultural and traditional studies
  12. Department of health and medical sciences
  13. Department of Religious Studies

University of Balochistan Merit List 2024 Check Online

University of Balochistan Merit List

University of Balochistan Campuses

The University of Baluchistan’s head office is located in Quetta. Its regional campuses are located in almost all big cities of the province. Its examination and facilitation centers are also located in different areas of the province. All the facilitation centers are open in the daytime to guide the students. Students can get information about admission, examination, transformation, vacation, and about the faculty members from these sub-campuses. Some of the campuses also provide hostel facilities to the boarding students. This facility is availed by those students who are residents of faraway areas. This university gives admission not only to local students but also to national or international students as well. Many international students from both Islamic and European countries are enrolled in this university. Every student is allowed to spend his or her life according to his or her own culture, tradition, and religious values. These students are also awarded scholarships.

University of Balochistan Scholarships 2024

The University of Baluchistan is offering scholarships to its shining stars. These scholarships are offered to the students on the following basis


The University of Baluchistan is providing transport facilities to its day scholar students. The university has 90 buses. These buses move on different routes to provide pick-and-drop facilities to the students as well as to the staff members. Student’s cards are also issued to the students by which they can avail half fair facilities provided to the students by the government of Pakistan.

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University of Balochistan Admission 2024

The process of admission to the University of Baluchistan is not very complicated.  The students have to follow a very simple method to get them enrolled in the university. They have to buy a copy of the university prospectus with the admission form in it. They have to fill up the admission form simply by adding the required information. This form is then sent to the university office either by post or it can also be submitted to the university office by hand.  The other way of applying for admission to a university is to apply online. This way is so simple. The student is required to click on the admission link provided on the university’s official website. After filling up the required information about the self and educational background of the student, the form is then submitted online on the same link. The successful candidates are then called for admission tests. The admission test is held in sub-campuses as well as in the head office of the University of Baluchistan.


The University of Baluchistan is providing hostel facilities to the newly admitted candidates. This facility is only there for those students who live in faraway areas. These hostels are equipped with all necessary facilities like comfortable rooms, a study room, a common room, electricity, gas, a newspaper stand, and security guards to ensure the safety of the students. The students enjoy their stay at the university. They are also allowed to take part in extra culler activities to be held in university playgrounds. This adds much more to their experience.

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University of Balochistan
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