University of Larkana Merit List 2024 Check Online

The University of Larkana is the University in Larkana, Sindh. Checking the University of Larkana Merit List 2024 can be done online by this link It is the second oldest University in Pakistan. The campus is designed to cater to the educational requirements of the area’s poorest people living there, who are incapable of affording expenses for colleges and universities in the nation’s largest metropolitan areas because of socioeconomic constraints. Thus, the University of Larkana will significantly play a role in enhancing and advancing the provision of excellent educational opportunities in both the above-mentioned area and across the country as a whole.

The university also pledges to foster the future development of the country by generating, distributing, implementing, and integrating high-quality education across all subject areas, including social sciences, technology, management, and science. Its main goals will always be to provide chances for education, inquiry, exploration, holistic self-development, and interactions with others, in a secure, supportive, diverse environment.

To equip youth for sustained national and international progress and welfare as a whole the university is required to build professional and scientific ties with public and private educational institutions, research institutes, community organizations, and the government.

University of Larkana Merit List 2024

A minimum percentage of 50 must be maintained by students to be considered for admission to the University of Larkana merit list in Pakistan. To increase their chances of admission, students must also engage in extracurricular activities including sports, project leadership, and volunteer work in the community.

The University of Larkana merit list, often called the threshold list, is a list that colleges, universities, and other types of educational institutions typically generate to teach students courses. to standard criteria set by academic institutions determine the probability that you are going to get admitted to the desired course.

Program Offered by the University of Larkana

There are a variety of programs offered at the University of Larkana.

With a continuing addition to numerous teaching departments, the university’s progress continued, and currently, there are 43 operating full-capacity teaching institutes, centers, and departments functioning under multiple academic faculties. There are a variety of programs offered at the University of Larkana.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration.
  • Faculty of Information Technology.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Arts.
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Islamic Studies.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • Faculty of History, Arts and Cultural Heritage.

University of Larkana Merit List 2024 Check Online

The Missionary Faculty at the University of Larkana

The faculty currently holds traditions of climbing the ladder and authority in research and instruction. Their technological advancement and creativity in undergrad and graduate projects empower the game-changing graduates with the expertise and understanding they need to have an impact on the global community. Students may communicate directly with professionals, teachers, and industry leaders in the pioneering companies of cutting-edge innovations, and together, we are helping to bring about improving communities around them.

The faculty plays an essential part in transmitting findings from studies and knowledge to guarantee the nation’s future. The intention is to provide educational programs based on research in top-notch infrastructure, and they are supported in this effort by distinguished alumni and professional mentors.

The University of Larkana Admission Process 2024

To be eligible for Bachelor’s Degree Programmes Admission to a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs requires a passing grade of at least 45% on the H.S.C. (Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, General Science, Humanities, Arts, or Equivalent Examination).

Students at Pakistan’s University of Larkana must maintain a minimum percentage of 50 to have a decent chance of being granted admission to the University. To increase their chances of being admitted, students must additionally participate in extracurricular activities like sports, project leadership, and community service.

It is significant to keep in mind that the bare minimum requirement for admission eligibility is a 30% passing score on the admission test.

The students acquire tuition from internationally recognized scholars and respected practitioners since the University of Larkana is a renowned teaching and research institute in Pakistan. Their renowned researchers are working hard to bring about significant development in Pakistan worldwide.

Students’ career counseling at the University of Larkana

One of the most significant features of the University of Larkana is student counseling. Students in this programme are permitted to visit their counselor’s office to obtain guidance regarding improving their future. Based on their innate skills and natural ability, the counselor assists the students in choosing the finest courses for their future studies. This type of programme improves the outcomes across several departments. These university-sponsored consolation sessions also spare the students valuable time. The University of Larkana offers numerous additional resources in addition to this programme to better serve its students.

Research and Graduate Studies at the University of Larkana

 The University of Larkana is the oldest in the nation and a comprehensive research-led university with international recognition. The University of Larkana acknowledges the value of its history and customs while simultaneously pursuing cutting-edge academic research and initiatives that reflect and respond to the demands of a knowledge-based, rapidly evolving world.

Larkana University aims to find, conserve, and distribute knowledge; produce creative work; and encourage a culture of broad inquiry across and beyond Sindh. Teaching and research are tightly linked at our university. Our mission is to become the premier institution of higher learning for gifted individuals in Sindh and throughout Pakistan, so they can better serve their communities, society, and country. The goal of the university’s cutting-edge research and innovative teaching is to significantly and favorably impact society.

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Quality policy of the University of Larkana

The quality policy attempts to allow them to:

  • Achieve and adhere to academic expectations;
  • develop and preserve collaborations with business and industry to generate employment opportunities and consumer satisfaction for its students;
  • improve quality through suggestions from participants and the community;
  • offer the best instructional and educational activities experience through extracurricular, co-curricular, and social engagement; and implement the best ICT services and infrastructure.

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University of Larkana
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