University of Okara Merit List 2024 Check Online

The University of Okara was founded in 2005 when Rao Sikandar Iqbal, the former Pakistani Minister of Defence, opened the Okara campus of the University of Education, Lahore. Checking the University of Okara Merit List 2024 can be done online by this link

The University of Okara Bill 2016, which renamed the Okara campus the University of Okara, was approved by the Punjab Provincial Assembly in February 2016. Renala Khurd, a developing city in Punjab, Pakistan’s Okara District, is home to the institution.

University of Okara Merit List 2024

The University of Okara Merit lists 2024 for admissions in BS, MS, M.Phil/Ph.D. Admissions to the University of Okara Merit list 2024 for BS, MS, M.Phil/Ph.D were announced earlier.

There will be separate announcements for the first, second, and third merit lists, and the list will include all BS and MS programs. Additionally, to meet the varied needs of students, the university will publish merit lists for both morning and evening sessions. The spring and autumn semester results for Okara University Admission 2024 BS English, BS Maths, and Fine Arts Merit List have been made public. The results of applicants who took the Okara University Admissions exam and are awaiting transmission have been reviewed. On their merit lists, they have been waiting for outcomes. You can anticipate the BS and MS merit lists to be revealed as soon as they are scheduled for release.

Faculty of the University of Okara

The university has six academic faculties: education, health sciences, biological sciences, management and social sciences, and computers. Numerous departments providing a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs are housed within each faculty.

In addition, the three departments of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Sustainability.

The university places a strong emphasis on research, with faculty, staff, and students working on cutting-edge initiatives all year long.

Global involvement, diversity promotion, critical thinking, lifelong learning, holistic student training, and the pursuit of greatness are all fundamental to the university’s principles.

University of Okara Merit List 2024 Check Online

University of Okara Merit List

Programs offered

The University of Okara’s admission office has declared that applications are now being accepted for the 2024–2025 academic year.

For details about programmes, the University of Okara Renela Khurd’s prospectus and admissions ads are helpful. HEC has acknowledged UO and its educational programmes. Okara University is authorized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to offer a broad range of BS courses. All applicants who hope to get accepted into UO. Before applying, they ought to look over the University of Okara’s list of programmes.

Moreover, there are BS (HONS) degrees in Zoology, Botany, English, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The University of Okara also offers  CERT degrees in Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computer Science, Applied Chemistry, Urdu, Banking & Finance Commerce.

Admission Process

Admission to the University of Okara for 2024 is now open to all Pakistani candidates who need to begin their undergraduate studies.

Interested students should send their applications as soon as possible. The official advertisement for the Alma Mater is shown below, and it can also be seen online at It includes information on the detailed application process, eligibility requirements, how to apply online for admissions, and contact data.

For more information, getting in touch with the admissions office is strongly advised.

The university is regarded as one of Pakistan’s best. Renala Khurd, Okara, Punjab, Pakistan is home to the University of Okara, a public university. Students may apply to the university’s undergraduate, graduate, and other degree programs.

Students who choose to attend the university to complete their degree will be provided with the opportunity to stay in a hostel at a reduced cost. The institution offers an enormous number of other chances for you.

University of Okara Ranking

We have gathered some rankings for the University of Okara according to the AD Scientific Index 2024.

The University ranks as follows:

  • # In 17,843 All Universities in the World
  • # in 226 All Universities in Pakistan

Research at the University of Okara

Numerous related domains, such as educational administration, psychology, teaching, curriculum, higher education, school improvement, education policy, national professional standards, and current research and assessment issues, are being studied by our research scholars and academic community in the field of education. About the internationalization of higher education, the department’s highly educated faculty, both domestic and foreign, is committed to fostering an atmosphere that encourages critical thinking, academic freedom, and creative idea generation for the creation of new knowledge. The department’s scholarly communities are working to create a lively learning environment and a strong research culture that will facilitate studies in many philosophical research paradigms.

We are quite proud that a large number of our graduates hold important positions in both public and commercial, national, and worldwide organizations that are actively involved in this department’s efforts to raise the standard of instruction. Our department works hard to build a solid relationship with the global scientific community so that students can pursue their intellectual interests and conduct autonomous research to improve the world.

You may be surprised to learn that there are additional funding options available for your Ph.D. It is important to confirm that you have looked into each one.

Different funding agencies provide support to PhD candidates. To lessen the financial strain of academic studies, some just cover course fees; others provide a stipend (maintenance costs) or travel expenses; yet others offer a one-time gift.

Every funding organization will have unique requirements for qualification. Full financing for PhDs is often granted based on academic merit, while some programs also consider other factors, such as financial background.

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University of Okara life

 Because the University of Okara is located in a rural area, you may find that there aren’t many nearby attractions or things to do, allowing you to focus on your goals more successfully. The University of Okara presently employs a comprehensive eLearning system across all departments. More than four hundred instructors are actively involved. Appreciating Nature and Outdoor Activities: There is plenty in the Lands of Okara. There is a lot of vegetation on the Okara University campus. Sitting outside can help reduce blood pressure, cortisol levels, and heart rate. Being outside causes our body to naturally slow down, which fosters tranquility and calm. The way our minds work is similar. Spending time outside raises feelings and reduces anxiety.

Contact Details

University Name
University of Okara
Contact Number 0442636060
Address Renala Khurd، Road Grand Trunk Rd، N-5 Okara
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